Valeria Aksakova Photography
Valeria Aksakova Photography
Food Photographer
Since I have started my career as photographer:
stock agencies selling my pictures worldwide
times I sold my pictures worldwide
satisfied clients all over the world
About me
About me

            I am Valeria Aksakova - professional photographer from Hamburg, Germany. 
    Since 2015 I have been working in my studio equipped for high-quality production of food           and product photography. Constantly I am working with stock agencies, restaurants and    producers of organic food.

Why you should work with me?
Finished results you will receive in shortly terms, which are convenient for you. 
Post production in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom
I provide food stylist services if you need it
Regular clients without prepayment
Revision after work is done/free correction
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Irma-Keilhack-Ring 20, 22145 Hamburg, Germany